Monster Magnets

When the term’magnetic toys‘ is mentioned, most people think about toys like magnets, magnet balls and magnets. But many other types of magnets can be used for kids’ play. neodymium magnets There are great toys that use magnetic fields to create fascinating effects. For example, magnetic chess sets can be very helpful. They can help… Continue reading Monster Magnets

spherical items

Magnetic balls, frequently referred to as neodymium chunks, are small, curved, spherical items which have gallop indoors. Neodymium chunks, magnetic ballswhich are typically small spherical objects, were initially manufactured as a stress relief magnetic ballsproduct, a fun way to alleviate muscle tension, and within an educational toy. A common merchandise sold on several websites will… Continue reading spherical items

Neodymium Magnets – Benefits

What is a rare earth magnet? A rare earth metal (also known as an”rasidium” or”rhodonite”) is a non-magnetic metal. Theoretically, rare earth metals may constitute the whole earth’s non-magnetic material, but most of them are too heavy to penetrate the planet’s surface (including all of the earth’s oceans, ice caps, tectonic plates, and other crusts… Continue reading Neodymium Magnets – Benefits

What Are Neodymium Magnetic Balls?

Neodymium Magnetic Balls is unique balls made of neodymium that are a special kind of magnetic material. It is similar to NERF balls but stronger due to its unique construction. These Magnetic Balls are used by children and professionals alike because they are safe, effective and not harmful. This ball has several applications such as for advertising, for education,… Continue reading What Are Neodymium Magnetic Balls?